Here at The Container Store we offer two types of storage:

In the yard are a number of steel shipping containers available for self storage, as shown below. Points to note are:

• You are responsible for loading and unloading and for arranging insurance.

• Containers have padlocks for which we keep the key. When you visit we unlock and relock the container and store the key onsite.

• Rental for a full size container is £30 plus vat (total £36.00) per week or part thereof payable in advance, minimum four weeks. Normal invoicing is for four weeks (£120.00 – total with vat £144.00)

storage 2 - Storage
storage 3 - Storage
  • For the half size containers, rental is £20.00 plus vat (total £24.00) per week or part thereof, payable in advance, minimum four weeks (£96.00 inc vat.) Each half is completely divided floor to ceiling, front to back, and each half has its individual key and door inside the steel doors, so “your half is your half”
storage 4 - Storage
storage 6 - Storage
  • For the smallest (approximately the size of a shed – 300CuFt) – rental is £10.00 per week or part thereof plus vat (total £12.00) four weeks payable in advance (£48.00 inc vat).  
  • These containers are double ended and each had been divided into four; each partition is from floor to ceiling, front to back. The interior doors are exactly as shown above inside the steel doors. You have your own interior key to your door.
  • These are all ideal if you need to come and go to your goods, as there is no charge for access. We advise that you allow enough time to finish by about 16.30 – and earlier in the winter when it gets darker sooner.
  • We also have a limited number of wooden containers which are fork-lifted into and kept within the steel containers, mostly on the second level. These are ideal for storage that you wish to leave for short or long term storage , but where no access is required. However, as we need to fork lift them to and from the container we need more warning, 5 working days notice is common in order to make sure staff are on site on the day. These wooden containers can also be delivered to your house to be loaded and unloaded at an extra cost. These are charged at £10/week ex vat = £12 inc vat , with the minimum period being 4 weeks ie £48. We also reserve the right to charge an access fee where it is sprung on us.
storage 8 - Storage
  • We require at least seven days notice, confirmed in writing of your intention to terminate the agreement, and clear your container, so that accounts can be brought up to date. The account must be fully paid up.
  • There is a high demand for these containers, so please call us to make sure we have one available.
  • We can also come and collect your goods, for which we shall give you a written quote, load the container and bring it to the yard, and when you are ready to have it delivered, bring it back to you on a date to be agreed unless you wish to make alternative arrangements for collection/ delivery.
  • Payments for all storage can be made by standing order etc as described previously.

Appleby's Removals Ltd

Appleby’s Removals is a long-established (1892) removal company based in Clacton on Sea Essex, serving the Tendring and Colchester area, although we can and do carry out moves further afield.


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